The Field Guide is a lifestyle blog that chronicles the day-to-day of twenty-something sisters Catherine and Becca Jones. It is meant to inspire others to imagine and create a life that is meaningful and content. They share the best tidbits from their own lives: coffee with friends, a fabulous find from the thrift store, a beauty product worth raving about…and cat pictures. Lot’s of cat pictures, of course.

About Catherine “I’m a 26 year old lady who sometimes longs to live in the big city but is most often content here in my big/small town of Springfield, Missouri. I am an elementary school teacher Monday through Friday and a blogger on the weekend!

“I love to collect Agatha Christie mysteries, drink coffee, and I’m currently obsessed with any and all French pastries (baking them and eating them). Organizing things brings me great joy. I write for The Field Guide because I love being a part of the creative blogging community.”

“My days begin with The Today Show, coffee, Instagram and Bloglovin’. From there, everyday is different, but I try desperately to live with intention. I hope you find something interesting to read here on The Field Guide!”

About Becca “About me? Hmm. I am creative. I’m disorganized. I’m a big fan of the color wheel. I spend my days as a hair and makeup artist in downtown Springfield and my evenings curled up with a good book and a hot tea.”

“My loves include crocheting, sewing, and baking. And I just wrapped up my fifth book in less than a month, so reading all day long is what I would do if I could get paid for it. I collect smashed pennies, so if you ever go to a cool place and find a penny smasher, bring me back a souvenir!”

“My perfect morning includes hitting the snooze button five times, rapid firing through Instagram while my coffee brews, and spending time with my pets. I write for The Field Guide because I love to celebrate and document the little things. Stay awhile, and say hello!”

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  1. cathrynannjones Post author

    You gals are the best! Thank you for stopping by and being our friends on the ‘net and in real life!


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