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Weekending: C-Street

September 12, 2015

artisan root beer
If you’re local to Springfield, be sure to head down to the Autumn Stroll on C-Street today! The morning is nice and cool and the sky is blue. And be sure to stop by Indian Summer to visit with this local start up and sample their craft soda! (Try the root beer. Seriously. Then walk away and come back pretending to be Someone Else so you can snag a second sample.)

Today…I am heading to AVBS to turn my scraggly locks into a lob by my beautiful sis. Taking a giant stack of math papers to grade while I’m at the salon, and then I’m off to C-Street!

Enjoy this beautiful day!



Weekending: Cast Off!

August 23, 2015


Some of you dear readers may know that two months ago I broke my wrist exercising in the gym. After two splints within the first three weeks, and two casts spanning five more weeks, I finally, finally, was able to get my cast off…and into another splint. This one is completely removable and I’ve been encouraged to do so by my doctor in order to do my exercises for rehabilitation. It’s been awfully weird to actually be able to use my hand again, and I often forget that I really can’t use it 100% just yet, but I’m super pumped to say that I did a haircut at work today for the first time in two months…I’m definitely ready to jump back into the swing of things, beginning with a brand new gym membership!

While I was convalescing, I spent a lot of time on the internet, and reading, not to mention binge watching shows on Hulu and Netflix, so I’ve managed to stumble on some terrific gems for your Saturday blog perusal!

Kicking things off is this article and the admission from myself that I fancied myself an archeologist when I was a small kid (I mean, didn’t we all?) and could get pretty nutty about Stonehenge, the Olmec, and various other mysteries and civilizations of our ancient world. Reading about the newly discovered artifacts related to the lost colony of Roanoke definitely woke up my erstwhile dreams of solving that mystery (my ten year old self has total faith in our ability).

This site is a wonderful place for all of your DIY needs. Seriously. They actually send you the supplies that you need for any project featured. Two words: Christmas presents!

Go back in time with this video showcasing fashion throughout the years from HelloGiggles!

And this book. Beatriz Willams is my new favorite author. Read her novels and prepare to run through the gamut of emotions. Don’t begin without tissues!

Have a terrific weekend!






Weekending: Let Yourself Rest

August 14, 2015

Book nook


I just don’t have any words at all. At the end of my first week of teaching I am exhausted yet energized. Thrilled, but also sad that it’s over. My kiddos are so kind and bonkers excited to learn. I can’t wait to see the community they develop in their classroom over the next few months.

This weekend will certainly fly by. Saturday is for lesson planning for the week, Sunday is for napping. That’s it. Here’s some interesting bits from around town.

I tried this once and it didn’t really work for me. Should I try again?

This is a must read for busy gals who want awesome hair. I want awesome hair, but I can’t ever seem to get it.

That’s a cute pillow, that’s a cute pillow, and I just nearly bought this one but was able to refrain because Wes gave me a stare.

I constantly have this regret.

A local favorite. Springfield is so stylish!

Did you notice a theme?




Weekending: On the Move

August 7, 2015


Thank goodness for the weekend. This week I saw a few changes in my life, the most notable being that I’m moving! Not cross-country and not very far (maybe 10 minutes, tops!) but I’m certainly marveling at the fact that I’ll have moved every possession of mine come Monday…it’s time for a nap, that’s for sure.

Here’s a few tidbits to take you into your weekend!

One article that has been particularly interesting to me is this one. I’m all about organizing these days, as it’s no longer just my space that I have to think about. Find your personality type and read on!

This is a rather funny hair trend for split ends. The only way I can wrap my brain around it is to think about a ribbon that has been cut; if you burn the edge, it won’t fray. Maybe the same concept works for your hair, too. The crazy gal in me that is constantly obsessing about damaged hair and broken ends is totally on board for this trend…the hairstylist in me is telling me to go get a hair cut!

While it’s definitely not possible for me to purchase anything right now, I’m digging this online store for all of my at home spa needs. Mint Walnut Scrub? Um, yes. Yes, please.

I’m totally loving the fact that there is actually an International Quidditch Association!

And here is a laugh out loud and completely accurate portrayal of a woman in Target.

Happy weekend!