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It’s been nearly two months since Aaron and I said our “I do’s”, tucked away behind a yellow Victorian house on a rainy day in Arkansas. I was a bundle of nerves the night before, going to bed later than intended, and waking earlier than I wanted. The ceremony wouldn’t begin until four but our venue couldn’t be set up until the morning of so by 10AM we were all gathered to begin the tedious task of setting up chairs, folding napkins, and hanging decorations. I tried my best not to run into my groom but we ended up crossing paths and at that point I couldn’t resist sneaking a hug from him. I was so happy!

Getting ready felt like such a blur of activity that writing about it now is nearly impossible. I don’t remember much of the activities that happened or what was said, but rather what I felt as every hour passed. Having my sister, niece, and best friend with me that day was just how I’ve imagined my wedding day to be like. We hugged, we laughed, I cried…
By 3:45, an epic rain storm had rolled into town, causing us to postpone the ceremony until nearly five. I had been experiencing the tiny little stresses that happen at every wedding, but the deluge that was happening at that moment definitely topped everything. Everyone sprang into action and manged to invert all of our arrangements underneath the tent that we had the forethought to rent and in an instant (it felt like an age had passed, but I think my notion of time was skewed that day) we were ready to go!

I walked down with my brother to a little song called Valley of the Shadow, an instrumental piece that comes from my all-time favorite movie Little Women, and nearly lost it when I reached the end and finally looked at Aaron. I think he was about to lose it as well, but you’ll never get him to tell you that. The two of us had decided early on that instead of a modern ceremony, we wanted to do a traditional hand-fasting. My sister was the one to bind our hands together with the five cords I had made as our officiant recited our vows and about ten minutes later we were pronounced husband and wife. Tears were flowing freely by then!

The reception was great fun due to the live band we got to play for us. A folksy-blues band straight from our very own Springfield, MO was our cup of tea that night, and certainly everyone else, judging by how many people actually got up and boogied! At the end of it, even the rain couldn’t put a damper on things. I don’t think anything went according to plan that day, and looking back on it, I’m okay with that. Reflecting on our weekend makes me smile. There was so much love and support for us from both sides of the aisle and consider myself to be very fortunate for the family I’ve had since birth and the one I married into. My husband is the best man, one who is supportive, goofy, too smart for his own good, and above all, kind. That night we danced the night away, ate delicious cake, and caught fireflies with my little nieces. It doesn’t get any better than that.



Wedding photography by Hannah Faith Photography

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