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four fantastic baby board books

I know that reading to your baby is essential for their development

…but what I didn’t know is that reading to an infant can sometimes be a little boring.

Ahh! I said it! You were all thinking it.

Don’t get me wrong! I love to read, I want Baby to love to read, and I read to her everyday. I love the opportunity for snuggles. I love when Baby babbles along with me. But it seems that most of the time, she is either trying to escape my lap or eat the book.

I get it, I get it. This is all developmentally appropriate behavior. But my GOODNESS I can’t wait until she’s a little older and gets super into the actual story, and has the attention span for longer tales. (Parents of toddlers who just asked to read Skippyjon Jones for the 32nd time, you’re laughing, I know.)

In the meantime, I find myself reading my faves over and over again, so while Baby is smooching everything within reach (my arm, the book, her toes), Mama can enjoy the story–all 47 seconds of it!

Toot had the honor of becoming Baby’s first Father’s Day gift to her daddy, and is literally the cutest story about farts. Who doesn’t love baby farts?

Anything by Sandra Boynton will make me laugh, but I especially love The Going to Bed Book because they exercise after they take a bath. Seems like a bit of a backwards bedtime routine, but hey, sometimes we bathe and then end up eating some more sweet taters afterwards.

Chris Ferrie’s scientific series speaks to my inner science nerd, plus, topics like General Relativity, Newtonian Physics, and Quantum Entanglement discussed in baby board book speak help me understand them better.

And finally, Black Cat & White Cat is my most favorite black and white book because it actually tells a lovely story about friendship…all of our other B&W books are wordless.

Do you have any titles that are must haves for your wee little babe?

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