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blog friends + twenty percent off at viola maye

Macrame Wall Hanging

Do you ever just meet someone and think “Yep–I’ve just gotta be her friend!”?

This happens to me on occasion. If you’re an adult trying to make friends, you probably know the drill. You hear that so-and-so has a couple of interests that ARE IDENTICAL TO THE MOST FUNDAMENTAL INTERESTS OF YOUR OWN LIFE and you immediately enter stealth friend seeker mode. You sit by them at lunch. You make sure to name drop the obsessive hobby you both share. You both go “What?! No way?! ME TOO!” And like sand through the hour glass, so is the path to friendship paved.

This happened with my talented friend, Layne. After learning that we would be teaching partners during my first year of teaching, our first conversation went something like this:

Layne: “So, what do you do for fun?”
Me: “Well, I like to go to thrift stores…”
Layne: “Whaat? Me too. I love vintage.”
Me: “Whaat? My whole house is vintage.”
Layne: “Oh, I love decorating my house, too. What else?”
Me: “I have a blog…”
Layne: “Whaat? Me. TOO.”
Me: “No way. Gee, it sounds like we have a lot in common. Let’s see, what else…I’m sort of a cat lady?”
Layne: “I love cats like they are my own children.”

(or something like that)

I went home and within a few hours we were both following each other on Instagram, which further foretold the sort of friendship we were destined to have…at one point I thought I was looking at my own living room in her Insta feed…

Catherine's Living Room

Layne's Living Room

And then, Layne did the bravest of things and followed her dreams of living in…Seattle! So while it’s unlikely we’ll be demolishing any flea markets or adopting a pet kitten together, thank goodness for our blogs because from that common thread, we’ve started to become Internet friends.

Macrame and Kitty Meow

And you can imagine how thrilled I was when Layne gifted me with this beautiful macrame wall hanging just because I commented on its beauty and was desperate to find out when I could buy one from her Etsy shop, Viola Maye. How lucky am I, to know such a cool chick and talented artist, even from afar?! Her macrame wall hangings are hand crafted using cotton rope and driftwood from the Puget Sound, and I can’t get over how beautiful they are.


Layne’s designs are made-to-order, and she does custom work too. Be sure to check out her shop, where you can use the code FIELDGUIDE20 for 20% off of a shop item. And for more Seattle adventures and decor inspiration, her blog, The Room Journal, and Instagram are not to be missed!

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