Weekending: On the Move


Thank goodness for the weekend. This week I saw a few changes in my life, the most notable being that I’m moving! Not cross-country and not very far (maybe 10 minutes, tops!) but I’m certainly marveling at the fact that I’ll have moved every possession of mine come Monday…it’s time for a nap, that’s for sure.

Here’s a few tidbits to take you into your weekend!

One article that has been particularly interesting to me is this one. I’m all about organizing these days, as it’s no longer just my space that I have to think about. Find your personality type and read on!

This is a rather funny hair trend for split ends. The only way I can wrap my brain around it is to think about a ribbon that has been cut; if you burn the edge, it won’t fray. Maybe the same concept works for your hair, too. The crazy gal in me that is constantly obsessing about damaged hair and broken ends is totally on board for this trend…the hairstylist in me is telling me to go get a hair cut!

While it’s definitely not possible for me to purchase anything right now, I’m digging this online store for all of my at home spa needs. Mint Walnut Scrub? Um, yes. Yes, please.

I’m totally loving the fact that there is actually an International Quidditch Association!

And here is a laugh out loud and completely accurate portrayal of a woman in Target.

Happy weekend!






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