Weekending: Let Yourself Rest

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I just don’t have any words at all. At the end of my first week of teaching I am exhausted yet energized. Thrilled, but also sad that it’s over. My kiddos are so kind and bonkers excited to learn. I can’t wait to see the community they develop in their classroom over the next few months.

This weekend will certainly fly by. Saturday is for lesson planning for the week, Sunday is for napping. That’s it. Here’s some interesting bits from around town.

I tried this once and it didn’t really work for me. Should I try again?

This is a must read for busy gals who want awesome hair. I want awesome hair, but I can’t ever seem to get it.

That’s a cute pillow, that’s a cute pillow, and I just nearly bought this one but was able to refrain because Wes gave me a stare.

I constantly have this regret.

A local favorite. Springfield is so stylish!

Did you notice a theme?



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