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Field Guide To: A Minimalist Makeup Routine

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I’ve experienced quite a few life changes in the past few months, and the single most important thing these changes have made me focus intently on is my surroundings. As I’ve written before, I went through a colossal purging night with my sister, coasting on the information that I was moving within the year. Consensus: I had too many things, items I didn’t even know I had clogging up my room and my life, and I couldn’t in good faith move in with my boyfriend while pulling all of that awful energy behind me. So I began purging, and I haven’t been able to stop. Clothes, shoes, books, toiletries, hair ties, I left no stone unturned.  At first, it was awful, and I became extremely mad at my sister, for how dare she suggest that I actually get rid of that sock that has no mate, or that tube of lipstick that, well, doesn’t actually have any lipstick in it? 

It was a process that became easier to do the more I did it, and I’m still doing it. I still have things to go through, especially my hair products (this one is a doozy because I rarely have to buy any of it; oftentimes I win shampoos and conditioners at work, so they tend to pile up!), but one group that was especially alleviating to go through was my makeup. Mind you, I had quite a bit of tubes and palettes that I accumulated from school. More eyeshadows and creams and blushes than one person needed. Since my far-reaching goal is to eventually downsize everything I own to just what I need, and only what love, I threw most of that makeup away. What I decided to keep is what I use for my makeup routine every morning.  I can get three different looks out of a handle of products, and you know what? That’s enough for me!

Honestly, if my career didn’t require that I put out all the stops for my make every day, I’d probably keep less than what I have now. I wasn’t always a makeup hoarder and then I went to cosmetology school and felt that I needed to keep everything, because, “What if?”. At some point, I forgot to care that I didn’t have that cream concealer anymore that didn’t even match my skin tone; I’ve managed to streamline my routine, and cut down the cleaning on Sundays, and let me tell you, I’m less stressed because of it!

My philosophy when putting my makeup on in the morning is this: if it takes longer than 15 minutes, then I’m doing it wrong.  I don’t know about you, but I like to spend my mornings leisurely sipping my coffee and playing with my cat. I also like to sleep in…but I digress. 15 minutes is the perfect amount of time to get that perfect cat eye and your foundation spot on.  My makeup arsenal includes foundation, powder,  blush, eyeliner, a bold lipstick and it’s matching lipliner, mascara, and two eyeshadows.

Most of the products I use come from Walgreens. My foundation is Maybelline Matte and Poreless Foundation in Porcelain. I’ve tried a lot of drug store brands, the biggest reason being that some brands lightest tones were still to dark for me. This one is a dead ringer for my skin tone, and, I’ll be honest, definitely helps to blur the pores!

For my powder, I use Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder in Translucent. This is a once-in-a-while product that I use, usually when it’s dreadfully hot outside and I want my foundation to last beyond the noon hour.

The mascara I have right now is something I bought just recently. Mascara is my #1  product. I have little blonde lashes that need every extra boost I can give them! I don’t mess with false lashes because I can never open my eyes when I use them, so mascara needs to be top of the line. L’oreal Paris Voluminous False Fiber Lashes does the trick for me. Two coats of it and I don’t need to put anything else on my eyes because my lashes are out to my nose at that point!

If I’m wanting to do a softer eye one day (i.e put the kibosh on my eyeliner and just use mascara) I’ll make sure to upgrade my chapstick to a bold lip. My favorite lipstick for this is M.A.C Lady Danger. This is the item that I can’t get at the drugstore, and it’s my one splurge. Lady Danger is described as a coral-red, and it’s a bit of a show stopper. It transitions well from season to season, and it suits many different skin tones!

The eyeliner that I use is from the Cat Eye Collection from Physician Formula.  This one is gentle enough on my eyes that they don’t water and the application of it is very smooth and stays on my entire work day.

The eye shadow that’s working for me right now is actually the last vestiages from my school collection. The colors, however, are super simple to find. For my crease I use a neutral taupe to create depth, and to highlight my brow bone, I use a shimmery shadow in what I would describe as being the color of a bone. Pretty light but with a shimmery base to catch and bounce light.

Last but not least, is my blush. It is Maybelline’s Dream Bouncy Blush in Peach Satin. I prefer the cream based blush for better blending, and what’s even better is that this product lasts for a long time!

So, how do I incorporate all of these products every day? The short answer is that I don’t. For example, while my blush is an everyday product, my foundation isn’t. If I’m wanting to use my lipstick, I’ll nix my eyeliner in favor of my mascara. If I’m going bold on one feature, I’ll tone down the opposing feature, simply because I don’t like to wear a bunch of makeup.  My favorite look and the one I wear the most is my mascara/lipstick combo. It’s classy, only costs you a minute to do, and is easy to touch throughout the day.

Quick question: my single most important product is my mascara. What’s yours? Let me know in the comments!







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