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two/twenty six: madeleines


Madeleine, a French cookie, is the second of 26 French recipes I’m endeavoring to make before my next birthday. Here you can find my complete list and each recipe I’ve completed so far.

When I decided to embark on cooking 26 French recipes over the course of a year, I gathered recipes based on only one thing: obvious deliciousness. I paid no mind to whether the recipe called for strange ingredients (I’m up for adventure) or required complicated technique–I do look forward to the challenge!

My first recipe, the croquembouche, took a lot of demystification. The choux pastry alone took several attempts before proper puff-age occurred. And after filling the puffs, precariously stacking them into a tower, and risking injury while spinning sugar, I can’t say I can recall the tastiness of the cream puffs themselves–I mostly just remember the experience of creating the croquembouche.

Madeleine cookies, by contrast, were refreshingly uncomplicated!’

Madeleines are French cookies that are traditionally baked in a shell shaped pan. I sought the wisdom of Rachel Khoo as I tried my hand at these beautiful, dainty cookies. Her recipe puts a twist on the traditional with a sticky, sweet raspberry baked smack dab in the middle of the cookie and a lemon curd filling that adds extra tartness. I certainly expected the madeleine batter to be full of twists and turns, but it turned out to be rather simple!  Attempting to control my oven temperature throughout the three baking periods (375 degrees for five minutes, oven off for 1 minute, 325 degrees for another five) was the only time I had to remind myself to chill out.

Mise en Place

The verdict? Obviously delicious and surprisingly approachable. Becca and I enjoyed them straight from the oven in all their warm, lemony goodness.

Now the lemon curd I attempted from scratch? Totally different story. In fact, I had to make an emergency run to the grocery store to buy some. So I’ve added lemon curd to the list of things to try again, but I’m most excited about adding my own ideas to these light, buttery cookies. I’m imagining some red, white, and blue madeleines for the 4th of July…

Definitely my new favorite.


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