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Field Guide To: Last Minute Wedding Gifts

Wedding Gifts from Target1/2(His)(Hers)/3/4/5/6/7/8/9

Wedding season is upon us! I’ve been waiting for the summer when all of my good friends get married within weeks of each other so I can travel, get dressed up, and celebrate constantly all the way through August. This isn’t that summer quite yet (three invitations and I can only make it to one!) but I’m still finding myself hustling through Target trying to strike a balance between selecting from the registry and putting some thoughtfulness into each gift. Above you’ll find links to my favorite finds from Target. I especially love going quirky with the gift giving, like his and hers novels!

Anyway, I am simultaneously unpacking from my recent trip to Colorado while packing for a wedding tomorrow. I will most certainly be running to Target tonight to snag a few of these gifts for the bride and groom!

And, in case you missed it…check out the hilarity that ensues when a man messes up his wedding vows!

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