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rally cat

April 29, 2012

Hello lovelies!

I hope your weekend is going swell. I wanted to share with you some amazingness from my Saturday!

I traveled to Jefferson City, Missouri yesterday, with a group of fabulous Drury students and professors to participate in the Unite Against the War on Women Rally. We had a great time road-tripping it to Jeff and an even better time during the march.

This event was important to me because I wanted to meet more men and women who have the same concerns as me regarding issues like access to affordable birth control, violence against women,  and issues surrounding healthcare and education (for all individuals).

This was my first rally, and I loved the amount of diversity among the participants–old and young, men and women, urban and rural. It is so important not to stereotype–a feminist has many different faces and backgrounds!

I am also excited to tell you that I have officially decided to earn my teaching certificate in elementary education. I haven’t talked a lot on here about my career goals, but for the majority of my time in college they included earning my MD or PA-C. (I wanted to be a doctor or a physician assistant). Only my mom, sister, a few close friends, and Wes really know that I’ve had serious qualms about those goals.

I’ve spent the last year doing some serious soul searching. I realized that I am not the same person I was when I first started college. I have new weaknesses and new strengths, and have come to the conclusion that a career in medicine is not for me.  In times of question, my little self inside my heart has always piped up and squeaked “you would make a fabulous teacher!” (Seriously. I imagine that my conscience sounds like the mice from Cinderella).

I feel very blessed that I let myself take this year to seriously consider becoming an educator. And I feel very brave for not worrying about “wasting” the last four years of college just because I won’t be using my biology degree to become a doctor. Those experiences will never be a waste. And I feel very lucky to have a most supportive husband who told me last night that I can master any skill I want to (including the skills needed for effective teaching) but at the end of the day “good teachers wake up and want to do what they do everyday. And I know you want to change the world.”

At the rally, a lady named Peggy Cochran spoke and while I don’t recall the details of her speech, it reminded me that I was at that rally because all I want to do with my life is help others realize and affirm their worth as a human being. And that’s what my teachers did for me.

So that’s what I’m going to do.

xoxo (rally) cat


DIY fleas-be-gone pup collar

April 28, 2012

I live in Missouri, and in the summer, we get the bugs like craaazy. And my poor baby dogs suffer tremendously (and I, by association, do as well, since Gracie is old and must stay in the house all Summer) from the itchy fleas and chiggers and the persistent ticks.  So, I decided to get out my herbs and wage war on the critters.

This herbal dog collar is super easy to make, and inexpensive, too!

Here’s what you’ll need:

A bandana. If your pooch is pampered and lives it up in your home all day, you can most likely get by with a gently used bandana you already have. Now, if your dog likes to frolic outside and run through bushes and brambles, I strongly suggest you buy a brand new bandana, so it lasts a wee bit longer.

A sewing machine.

A marking pen. I use one with disappearing ink.

Herbs. The only herbs I had on hand were rosemary, lemonbalm, mint, and lavender. There are many more plants in the world that repel unwanted bugs, but these are probably the easiest to come by. The only thing I did to prepare my herbs was pulverize the rosemary before I put it in the collar. Rosemary is prickly and sharp, and I didn’t want it poking through the fabric.  I did this by busting out my mortar and pestle, but you don’t have to go Medieval: place your rosemary in a bag and crunch it with  a rolling pin.

Step 1. Begin by folding your bandana in half to create a triangle.

Step 2. Next, fold the top of the bandana (the straight edge) over 1 1/2 inches- this will be tube for the herbs to reside!

Step 3. Place your tape measure at the bottom of your fold and right where the fold meets the corner of the triangle, then measure inward 2 1/2 inches.

Step 4. Take your pen and mark it. Repeat step 3 and step 4 on the opposite side.

Step 5. Using the dot you made as a guide, sew one (just one!) end shut.

Step 6. Now you will need to sew on the edge of the fold you made in step 2 to make the tube.

Step 7. Take your herbs and stuff them in the tube. Put in enough herbs so that they fill out the tube, but not so much that it’s bulky.

Step 8. All you have to do now is sew up that last edge, using that dot you made as a guide. That’s it!

Tie the collar around your dog (or cat!) and have him/her strike a pose, like my Love did.

I hope this tutorial helps your furry friends this summer!

xo, bea


these are a few of my favorite things // cat

April 27, 2012

So . . . I spent the whole winter looking for a perfect pair of (affordable) riding boots, but never found what I was looking for. I purchased one pair from dEliA*s–a cute knee high riding boot that laced at the toes and zipped up the back–but my left calf was too big! :/

Thus, I have declared that I will stop at nothing this summer until I find a perfect summer staple shoe. And I’ve decided this doesn’t include the $10 sandals I buy at Target to replace basic blacks from last summer. Instead, I think I’m going to branch out and buy something a little more fun–maybe a style I’ve never tried before. I love trying new things!

So here’s my Summer Shoe Favorites!

I have been in the market for cowboy boots my whole life, because I just can’t ever seem to find a pair that I absolutely love! It seems no matter what I pair with them I always feel a bit too . . . country. And hot. Cowboy boots are really warm shoes. I like these cropped boots because you still get that cowboy boot vibe with the silhouette, the stitching and the tassel, but the height feels totally rock and roll! I’d wear these boots from Alloy with this, this, and this! I think they’d go especially well with the hi-low trend that’s all over town!

I’ve had my eyes on some saddle shoes for a long time now. Instead of being two-tone, this pair from dEliA*s are two-texture, which is a fun take on the traditional that I really like.  I also love these ones because the crochet details make them airy–no socks! The only problem is I’m not sure what color I’d buy–probably the white or the pink. Maybe both! I’d wear them with this, this, and this! I like to wear flat shoes with short dresses–minis and heels combined is just sometimes too much for me to deal with!

These Sperry’s from dEliA*s are definitely a splurge, but I am in dire need of a pair of kicks that go great with skinny jeans that I can wear socks with. I keep getting blisters walking long distances in my flats and sandals–but my trainers just won’t do with skinnies! So I think I might invest in a pair of these. Maybe not this summer, but definitely when we go to Europe! I love this pair because I am a sucker for animal print. I’d wear them with these, these, and these!

I can’t help but add a basic black sandal to my wish list. And this pair from Forever 21 is super affordable! I’ve bought a new style of flat sandal in black for the last three summers–they sometimes last, they sometimes don’t–but when they do I have a few options to choose from in a color that goes with everything! I’m really into chevron shapes, so I love the gold detail on the toe-piece. And the double ankle strap is unlike anything I already have in my closet! I’d wear them with this, this, and this!


Until payday.

Thanks for letting me share! What’s on your summer wish list?

xoxo, cat


instagram photo reel // spring

April 25, 2012

Is it fantastically warm where you are, dear readers? I’m having a wonderfully sunny, mellow day that I decided had to be shared in pictures!

I live in a house that is surrounded by country: big fields, long dirt roads, bugs, and the odd animal that shows up every now and then. Do you know what the best thing is about my location? The flowers! Oh my, the flowers. Some my mother planted ten years ago, others have been there since we’ve moved in and never fail to crop year after year.

There are peonies  (sadly, they haven’t bloomed yet.), lilies, and bushes of white flowers whose name has escaped me at the moment. Sometimes, even chamomile finds it’s way out of the ground. Nowadays, we have wild strawberries growing under the kitchen window.  At the height of summer, everything has reached its peak, and it makes for a beautiful sight.

these irises come every spring

do you know the name of these flowers?

love, my dog, couldn’t keep out of the photos!

no strawberries on this plant, however…

…look what I found! a lonesome strawberry, but he’ll soon have buddies.

Happy Spring!

love, bea


happy sounds: bea

April 23, 2012

My tunes this week are designed to relax and transport you to France rather than induce a head bop (but you just might do that anyway because my man Yann Tiersen has a way with musical notes!).

1. Soir de fête

2. La Plage

3. La Veillée

4. Le Matin

5. Les Jours Tristes

6. La Boulange

7. Les Bras de Mer

listen, love, here


love, bea